The king of fighters 2011 by rinoa21-d2xsk6a
brand new king of fighters 2011 with 20 characters & 8 new characters release summer 2011 consoles ps & xbox 360


hero team

kyo kusanagi

benimaru nikaido

goro daimon

fatal fury team

terry bogard

andy bogard

joe higashi

ikaru warrios team

ralf jones

clark still

leona heidern

psycho solder team

athena asamiya

sie kensou

chin gentsai

elizabeth team

elizabeth blanctoche

shen woo

sasuke kazatsu(new characters)

duo lon

art of fighting team

ryo sakazaki

yuri sakazaki(new outfit)

robert garcia(new outfit)

ninja team

jubei yamada

tung fu rue(new outfit)

hon fu(new outfit)

The Bad Boys Team(New Characters)

Tyler Easter(New Characters)

Smith(New Characters)

Heavy D

Todoh Team


Kasumi Todoh(wear a high school outfit)


rock howard

goran boskovic(new characters)

stranger(new characters)

chibi-chan(new characters

boss teamEdit

ash crimson(she a now a goth)

new featuresEdit

ultia combo

no power up

999 time left and speed up in time

and 3d ending

produced by snk playmore & tt games

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